Monday, October 02, 2006

The salmon were I am wearing a hat is a thirty pond King Salmon I had just caught. More reports tomorrow or when I return home. The other salmon in thenet is a twenty pounder.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

The old man is alive and kicking. My mobile is not working that is why I have been out of touch. Just a bit of power left on the puter. Everything going well and I will post a long report before my return if I get half a chance or do one when I return. Now on battery power with a low hook up to a system. Been out in the sticks mostly.

Please tell the gkids the biggest salmon weight was around 30lbs. Photo to prove it.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

For those of you not in the know click on the new headings to read the full report.
Saturday 9th the day started off with heavy rain so I stayed indoors with my friends. The sun came out in the afternoon so I went off shopping for a new pair of hip waders. They only cost me £18.87 which is about a tenner cheaper than over there.

It is early hours of Sunday over here and the weather looks good so we will be off to the Fair in a couple of hours. Will post a report later plus more pictures. I aim to hit the road with the RV tomorrow and will start fishing early Tuesday.

Nearly forgot please email me that is one and all so that I can email you. I cannot email you as I do not have any addresses on this computer but can reply to your letters.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Mark and Marie took me to the train station at Chesterfield just after 9 a.m. and I caught the 12.40 train to London. After putting the suitcases and rods on the train I sat with them in the passageway all the way down to London.

St. Pancras is being repaired so there was no trolleys or porters around, I had a right struggle to get to the lift to take me down to the floor below where I struggled again to the taxi rank outside the station. Road works meant a long drive to Paddington, first £15 gone, quick journey to Heathrow another £36 return fare, taxi to hotel £15. Evening meal £10 and after a good night sleep taxi back to airport £15. Maybe it would have been cheaper to go down to Philip's spend a night with him and then take bus back to Heathrow leaving the car in Crawley.

No drinks allowed on plane and I could not buy a bottle on the plane to give to my friends over here. Arrived safely and waited an hour to be picked up. My friend made a mistake and thought somebody else was collecting me. A quick phone call soon sorted that out and I was wisked here, a good meal before being taken to the hotel for a night.

Yesterday I was picked up by Darrell and we went and fetched the RV. All you get is an RV you have to buy the pots, pans, bedding and all the other stuff we usually have in a hired motorhome. More brass wasted, the only good thing is they gave me a new sleeping bag which will come in handy when I get back home as well.

Jan the other lady I came to see, met me here last night and is staying with Darrell and Viv till I leave on Monday.

The first photo is of Darrell and Viv's bungalow, the second of the RV and the third the hotel I spent the night in.

Sorry if there are any spelling mistakes.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Just over a month to go before my big holiday and I have just finished collecting all the fishing gear I shall be taking with me.